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Arab folk dance

An Arab folk dance covered from Dubai in last year.

The dance is organised with formations of men facing each other, who take turns reciting stirring poetry while brandishing swords. Pacing the dance and the songs are traditional drums and tambourines. The formation of participants can also include a separate section of women who in their turn recite and dance to praise the victory.

ദേശീയ സ്കൂള്‍ കായിക മേള - 2009

National School Games - 2009 - Kerala retains overall title...

The Kerala team which retained the overall team title in the 54th National schools athletics championship in Kochi on Sunday.

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Photo: aneezone - January 09

ഇനി എന്റെ ഊഴം…

കലാ മത്സരത്തില് തന്റെ ഊഴവും കാത്ത് മത്സരാര്‍ഥി.